Family Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which empowers parties to resolve issues without resorting to litigation. As a mediator, Deborah is a neutral person who facilitates communication and resolution between the parties.

• Deborah neither dictates a resolution nor attempts to pressure the other side to enter into an agreement.

• Deborah assists the parties to reach their own agreement by exploring creative ways to settle certain disputes in a serene, yet professional environment. 

Mediation does not require that the parties have counsel; however, Deborah as the “neutral” third person cannot advise either party whether an offer is a good one or not. If the parties attend mediation without attorneys, they are strongly urged to have an attorney review any proposed agreement before signing it.

At mediation, Deborah has the parties work through and resolve disagreements that might arise, and, most importantly, to reduce anxiety by avoiding litigation and court intervention.


Effective and creative mediation style

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator since 2002

Flexible hours and days available

Sliding scale rates for modest to low income parties

Office is within close proximity to the Broward County courthouse

Provides a comfortable environment

Wi-Fi and Skype availability at her office

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